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Mobile devices or smartphones are modern devices for telecommunications and have become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. Mobile phones are widely accepted and easily accessible to end-users. The dependence of users on the use of these devices is growing day by day. The average user owns several such devices and phone numbers. It is especially interesting that, regardless of the technical education of users about new technologies, users try to master all the available functionalities that the new devices provide.

Modern mobile phones have a large amount of user data, such as text messages, calls, photos, etc. These…

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After successfully publishing a couple of apps on Google Play, I have experienced an unusual thing: the day after releasing one of my apps, I noticed that the newly released application was showing a gray screen in the place where Google Map was supposed to appear!

Since it is a travel app, and I am using Google Map to display locations of interesting objects nearby, it is pretty important to have it working.

Anyway, I connected my phone via ADB and in Logcat I saw the following error:

E/Google Maps Android API: Authorization failure. Please see

Dragana Vucic

Software Developer at Ericsson. Short portfolio:

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